Help! My air conditioner is not working properly FAQs

Below is a list of air conditioner is not working properly FAQs we hear from our customers when their central A/C is not working properly. If this saves you a service call then we are more than happy to help. If you need further assistance then we will gladly help. You can call us anytime at (719) 491-2971.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Service technician working on an Air Conditioning Condenser - air conditioner is not working properly

If you see water pooling up under your furnace or air conditioner it could mean many things. The most common problem is a plugged up p-trap or drain pipe on the evaporator coil. This happens from time to time. It can even cause the A/C to stop working. You should have the A/C looked at. It will probably be an easy-inexpensive fix. The other common problem is insulation damaged or missing from the suction line. This can cause damage to your furnace or your home. Call a professional. There are many other reasons water collects under your furnace / air conditioner. Your local HVAC pro, Calibrating Air, should have no problem finding and correcting the problem.

Why does my air conditioner have trouble maintaining temperature?

When the A/C seems to run a lot on hot days some people think it may not be sized properly. Although we do find this to be the case sometimes, it is pretty rare. Most of the time we can attribute long run times to inefficiency due to lack of maintenance. A dirty air filter or dirty blower wheel causes more problems with performance and efficiency than anything else. Have your air conditioner cleaned once per year and change your air filter every 30-90 days.

There are times where we find the A/C was improperly installed,  miss-wired, or not adjusted properly. We can correct a poor installation a lot of the time without a complete reinstall. Just yesterday I found a 2 stage furnace running at only 65% capacity for the last 7 years! All I had to do is move one jumper over. Aside from changing a dirty filter, only an HVAC pro can resolve these issues.

Why is my A/C only blowing warm air?

When something goes wrong with the outdoor unit (condenser coil), the indoor fan will sometimes continue to run. There is a wide range of things that can cause this. It could be something as simple as a loose wire or a fuse. It could be something more serious such as, a failed start component, a safety limit that has tripped, or even a refrigerant leak. The best place to start is change the air filter. Then reset the power. Click here to view our self-help no cooling section. If that does not work, then it may be more serious. Give us a call at (719) 491-2971.

Why is there no air flow coming out of the vents / A/C iced-up?

AC Iced up

When you can hear the fan running, but no air is coming out of the supply vents, then you may have an evaporator coil that is “iced-up”. Look at the big (suction) copper line that goes into the A/C coil. It is the one wrapped in insulation. If it has frost on it than you can bet the coil itself is covered in ice. Most of the time this is due to poor air flow, such as a dirty filter. Turn the Air Conditioner completely off! Do not turn it back on until it totally thaws! This can take between 2-12 hours. You are better off not using it for 8 hours just to be sure. Before you turn it back on: open up ALL vent dampers, check the air filter, and move furniture away from the return & supply registers. If it starts to ice-up again then call a pro. It could have other issues like low refrigerant (Freon) charge.

Why does my A/C make a banging / popping noise?

Do you hear a loud bang sound when the furnace fan kicks on or off? It is a pretty common HVAC sound. It is most likely caused by the ducting. There are many reasons for it, such as a dirty/restrictive air filter, furnace is too big, ducting too small or not enough return air ducts. There are a lot of other reasons, but these are more common. We can investigate the source of the noise and we have many ways to remedy this situation.

 Why is my air conditioner short cycling?

This is a common problem. If your A/C is kicking on and off in short cycles, or it sounds like it is humming or trying to start and shuts right back off, then you likely have a compressor that is overheated. This is usually caused by an iced-up indoor evaporator coil or an extremely dirty condenser coil. The compressor motor has a safety overload sensor that will shut it off as soon as it gets too hot. This should be looked at by a professional. We have seen countless home owners attempt to clean the A/C coils themselves, and accidentally bend the aluminum fins or push dirt further into the coil. There are other situations that can cause short cycling. The best approach is to call a professional.

What causes a strange / burning smell when the furnace is on?

Strange smells can happen when the A/C turns on or off. While the air conditioner is running it is condensing water on the evaporator coil that sits above the furnace or air handler. This water usually interacts with dust and/or pet hair to create a funky smell. Having your A/C properly cleaned should remedy this. A burning smell however, could be an indicator that the fan motor is failing. Call a pro!

Final Words

Most A/C problems can be prevented with proper maintenance! Have us visit once per year to clean and inspect your air conditioner. If you have a more specific question or if you would like us to diagnose an issue then please call us at (719) 491-2971. We can send an expert technician to your home or office to troubleshoot the problem.