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Has your A/C stopped working? Is it having trouble keeping the temperature down? If you suspect your Air Conditioner is not working properly, or you have other cooling problems, then you have come to the right place.

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We can schedule an appointment, in many cases that day. We don’t want to see you go without A/C. We can call you a half hour before we arrive, so you don’t have to sit at home and wait. When our friendly-knowledgeable technician(s) arrive, they will find the problem fast. Your tech will give you a complete diagnostic with what it will take to get your air conditioner back up and running. We offer the best residential Air Conditioner Repair Service in Colorado Springs.

Want to try a few preliminary checks before you call us?

Need Help with a No Cooling Problem? If your A/C stopped working or it has “iced up” try these simple steps first. It might just save you a service call! If your air conditioner has iced up, you will find frost at the large pipe as pictured below.

AC Iced up

Step 1. Check the Thermostat

No Heat check your thermostat

Is it set to Cool? Does it say low battery? Most Air Conditioners will not run if the batteries are dead. Try replacing the batteries. If your thermostat is set below 72 the Air Conditioner may not have the ability to maintain temperature without freezing. This is very often the reason why A/C’s “ice up” in Colorado. If your A/C has “iced up” then you will need to shut it off for 4-12 hours before turning it back on. When you turn it on try setting the thermostat to 73 or higher.

Step 2. Check or replace your Air Filter. Is it dirty?

No Heat replace your air filter

A dirty air filter can drop the efficiency of your Air Conditioner.  Its best to change your air filter(s) every 30-90 days. If you have poor air flow to certain rooms, we recommend using “cheap” fiberglass filters. They have a lower pressure drop than the pricier pleated filters. This a temporary fix until we can assess the situation, but sometimes the cheaper air filter is the best fit for the house.

Step 3. Open up all vents.

Supply Register

If you are like most people, you were told to shut the basement supply vents in the summer. This makes sense, because why cool the basement? It’s already cold down there. The problem is the A/C Evaporator coil that sits on top of the furnace needs a lot of air flow to work properly. When you shut the vents in the basement you block 25-50 of the air flow to that evap. coil. This usually causes the A/C to run near freezing. If the A/C had any other problems like: it’s dirty, it’s low on refrigerant, it is oversized for the house, than it will cross the line below freezing and “ice up.” So try to keep most of the supply vents open and unobstructed by furniture.

Step 4. Is the humidifier shut down for the summer?

Turn the Humidistat to the off position during Summer

If you have a humidifier, it needs to be turned off for the summer.  When the Air Conditioner is running it naturally dehumidifies. The humidifier is supposed to run mostly in the winter, but can operate in Spring and Fall. Humidifiers should not be running in conjunction with the A/C. Make sure the Humidistat is turned all the way down or off.

Humidifier bypass damper open for winter
Also if your humidifier has a bypass damper then it should be closed.

Step 5. Call a Pro

I think it’s time to call Calibrating Air for your air conditioner repair service in Colorado Springs. Did I mention we have 24 Hour Emergency Service?


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