Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace

Welcome to Colorado’s beautiful Fall season. The aspen leaves are starting to turn. The Pumpkin Spice latte is back at your favorite coffee shop and we are starting to turn our furnace’s on for the first time of the season. If you are considering a furnace replacement due to its age, efficiency, or you found out that your current furnace needs a costly repair, then take a little time to learn about your options. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of having a two-stage furnace as opposed to a single stage.

Have you ever been watching TV, and suddenly must turn the volume up just to hear over the furnace once it turns on? One of the benefits of a two-stage furnace is that they are a little quieter than a standard furnace. When you turn your thermostat up it will start at about 60% capacity or “first-stage” and try to get to your set temperature. If it is pretty cold out and is has to run for more than 5-10 minutes, then it will ramp-up to full a 100% capacity or “second-stage” until it reaches the set temperature.

Do you notice big temperature differences in your home? Do you have rooms that tend to get too much or too little warmth? Two stage furnaces help with the hot & cold spots by running at a lower capacity when needed to avoid the “blast” of hot air that standard furnaces put out.

Colorado has big temperature swings between the night and day. It could be 60° in the daytime and suddenly drop 30° when the sun sets. Two-stage furnace’s will give you greater temperature control by going straight to that second stage heat on those colder nights. During the day, it starts in first stage if you only need it warmed up by a degree or two.

One of the last benefits is saving money! Two-stage furnace’s use 30-40% less gas on first stage to heat your home and will save you money on your utilities bills each month!

There are many different furnace options available, each with their own benefits. If you would like to schedule an estimate to see if a two-stage furnace would be right for your home, give our office a call at (719) 491-2971.