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Burnt furnace circuit board

Surge Protectors

Benefits of installing a Surge Protector on your Furnace & Air Conditioner Happy Summer Colorado Springs! The mornings are becoming beautifully warm, the A/C’s are keeping the houses cool and comfortable, and we are having those crazy afternoon thunderstorms! There are several benefits to having surge protectors hardwired to protect […]

Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace

Welcome to Colorado’s beautiful Fall season. The aspen leaves are starting to turn. The Pumpkin Spice latte is back at your favorite coffee shop and we are starting to turn our furnace’s on for the first time of the season. If you are considering a furnace replacement due to its […]

Aprilaire Model 400 Whole Home Humidifier


Why should I get a Whole House Humidifier? There are a several reasons to have a humidifier installed today. Humidification in the air is helpful for all wood floors, wood furniture, and pianos. Your skin needs humidity to function properly. Your sinus’ and lungs need moisture too. There are many […]

Honeywell Wi-Fi Stat

Wi-Fi Thermostat

When we install a Wi-Fi thermostat you can check and adjust the temperature in your home or business from anywhere at anytime with one app. Not only is it cool to have, but it is useful as well. Do you commute to work in another city like Denver, or do you make the drive […]