Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Hello Colorado Springs! Today we wanted to talk about how important commercial maintenance is to building owners, property managers, and facilities managers. What you need to do to keep your HVAC systems in great shape so your employees / occupants are not freezing or burning up. There several different types of Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning systems. We will focus on the 2 most common types of forced air systems we encounter: Rooftop Units or RTUs and residential style forced air furnaces with A/C split systems.

RTUs commercial maintenance

Rooftop Units (RTU) typically sit on the roof on a curb and are either downflow or side ducted. They are most commonly packaged units that can heat or cool a given space and require ladder access or a way for our technicians to access the roof to inspect them. These typically will need to be checked twice a year to make sure both your heating and air conditioning is working properly. Most businesses need the filters changed every 3 months, hence quarterly maintenance. Some businesses need the filters replaced more or less often. Our technicians can help you determine just how often you need them changed.

Forced Air residential style Furnaces and A/Cs are used in many buildings. These furnaces are going to look exactly like the ones in your home. They should have the filter changed once every 1-3 months. Usually with a cheap fiberglass filter, but sometimes with a pleated or poly filter, depending on the application. Click here for a description of different filter types. These units need to be inspected annually. We can make sure the furnace is safe and working efficiently. We go through a checklist to ensure we are consistent. We will go over the building need with you as the business owner and try to show what we can improve on with the system. A few major safety factors we check on the furnace is the condition of the heat exchanger and detecting any gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

If these units are not checked often enough, you can end up with premature system failures. Clogged / dirty filters can cause higher utility bills and unnecessary wear on the components. Wasps love to build their homes in RTU’s. During a routine check, we will make sure everything is clean, inspected and operating within manufacturer’s specifications. We can meet with your facilities or property manager and go over everything we did to the unit or units to make sure they are operating correctly.

There are many benefits to having regular commercial maintenance. We can help with weird smells coming from the HVAC unit. Building occupants won’t be sick as often if the filters are changed. They might complain less if temperatures are more even. The savings on utilities alone are worth it. Making sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks is a must. If you would like to have us come out and give you a bid on commercial maintenance at your building, please give Calibrating Air a call at 719-491-2971.