DIY HVAC Service

The Dos & Don’ts of Do-It-Yourself HVAC Repairs

So your Furnace or A/C decided that it does not want to work anymore and you want to “take a look at it”. You are a handy DIY type of person and you are somewhat sure you found the problem. A quick search online and you found the part is available and with 2 day shipping. It might seem that buying the part online and installing it yourself might be a “cheaper” option. However, we are going to go over why it’s important to have us, Calibrating Air, perform the diagnostic and repair.

Maybe you had called us out to diagnose it and found out the price for the repair was more than you expected. After finding the part on the internet, you are wondering why it’s cheaper online then for us to replace it. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Proper diagnostic:
    We are professionals with years of experience. We have the skill to pinpoint not only the problem, but the cause as well. I have been out on numerous DIY repair calls where the homeowner thought they found the problem and ordered a part online . Then when the part arrived, they replaced it only to find it is still not working. After several non-returnable parts swapped and days without heat they called us. I found a small issue that just needed to be unclogged. The repair was under $100. Save your money, call a pro!
  • Compatibility: What actually caused it to stop working? Did the part you ordered get revised or updated since the original manufacture date? Is the website you found it on going to send you the right one? How can you find this out? Was the part that failed on your equipment replaced before with the wrong one? Have you ever been at the store and found a box that was opened? Maybe it is missing something. Our licensed technicians can find all the answers to make the repair correctly. Do it right the first time and save money. Call us!
  • Warranty: When you buy a part online, there is no warranty if you install it yourself. If it fails again, are they going to send you a replacement? What happens when you find the part is bad out of the box? Another days wait? We can get almost any part on the same day. Even if it is a special order part, we can sometimes get it running temporarily. If it breaks, then save time & money and give us a call!
  • Safety: Your furnace runs on flammable gas and puts out Carbon Monoxide. Your Air Conditioner has enough electricity to kill you. Homeowner DIY repairs are commonly known to be rigged or improper at best. There have been several times where a family sadly dies at the hands of a DIY repair. Even here in Colorado Springs. As per Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, you are allowed to make repairs, but only on your own principal residence. Only licensed technicians can repair or replace HVAC appliances at rental properties. HVAC parts suppliers almost never sell to the public. Performing your own repairs puts you and your family at an unnecessary risk. Our technicians have been trained, licensed, and certified to identify safety issues you may overlook. Hospitals and funerals are expensive. Save money and call a pro!

We know that you can find cheap parts on the internet, but that is all you get, “parts”. When you call Calibrating Air you get a Service with all of the above. You get Peace-of-Mind. When it comes to any HVAC maintenance or repairs, it is ALWAYS a good decision to call us, Calibrating Air Heating & Cooling. We are always honest, reliable and fair. Give our office a call at 719-491-2971 and have us “take a look at it!”