Electronic Air Cleaner

Respicaire Electronic Air CleanerWhat is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

As energy costs have risen, air tightness in our homes has increased. Statistics show that we now spend about 93% of our lives indoors. This has many homeowners looking for solutions, particularly for the control of airborne bacteria, virus, pollen, spores and micro particles. A whole house Electronic Air Cleaner works on the simple principle of electromagnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air.

The efficiency of standard disposable fiberglass, washable, and electrostatic air filters is under 20% down to >10.0 microns (up to MERV 4). They will collect some pollen and standard dust particles. Pleated filters range from 25-35% down to 3.0-10.0 microns (MERV 8) efficiency. They will collect mold spores and larger particles. Our electronic air cleaners are up to 95% efficient even down to 1.0 micron (up to MERV 11). They will collect all of the above plus lead dust, tobacco smoke and all bacteria.

Some of the man-made synthetic media like that used in the 3M Filtrete™ air filters may be rated MERV 15. However, they hold very little dust and load up quickly and have a relatively high-pressure drop (static pressure), which can negatively affect the performance of the heating / cooling system.

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